withered smile


With a smile that sends chills of December winter
That push delicate curves that form and linger
Why call them wrinkles when they’re only laughs that have withered
From the edges that tessellate and spread like tinder
For loving you for your smile can turn me into a sinner
That will do whatever to please that smiles shimmer


The worst pain of all


The worst pain of all is knowing the person who blooms a rose inside you.
Merely roots a cactus, pricking any intimate truth.Edit Edit date and time
She looks at him like an abstract mural, painted by her imagination.
But when he looks at her, she is just a in-the-line sketch, traced and imitated.
She loves to admire every wrinkle that forms at the curve of his smile.
And as her own smile peeks, his delicate eyes stay dull and hostile.
You both live different fates as midnight hits and the ceiling is her muse.
But he lye’s with his eyelids slowly shutting, content with what is true.
She wishes the roof was transparent to compare him to the moon.
Wondering which brings more light in the darkest of views.
But as he looks up, only the stars is what he sees.
knowing that there are hundreds more spread all over the galaxy.
She hates thinking of the day he will come to realize how she truly feels.
knowing she will be tossed out of his life with just their memories at her heels.
But she knows she will be okay because her imagination is all she’s ever had.
She will be looking up at her ceiling, picturing the day he will come back.