Beneath the sun


I was filled to the top, water overflowing off the edge
Then someone pulled the plug
Just to watch me tornado through the drain
with only a puddle lingering its last breath

I fell for what felt like eternity
through narrow somber pipes camouflaged in grime and filth
Absorbing bits and pieces along the way

I became polluted beyond filtration
water, not even a pig would drink
My thoughts became contaminated as I squeezed my sanity tight
Waiting for my end. Beckoning the end.

Alone, plummeting in perpetual solitude
As my delusions filled the gaps the sewage failed to grab hold of
Falling through loops and turn, some would claim as fun
But in the darkness, this rollercoaster was just a trunk ride to the unknown

Finally, a light shone, minuscule but bright
And the sludge I became, spilled beneath the sun
Falling into open water, where all those polluted created a home
And although I miss that pearl tub, I could never relive that ride

Moulded, wave after wave with others scarred from the shadowy pipes
But together we became an ocean
and all our filth became one
Waiting to comfort the next victim tumbling beneath the sun