cigarette smoke


I can’t take the silence

Whether it be sparks burning out in a conversation meant for 2, or the weight of anticipation pushing my face closer to their feet. All while I battle with the mischevious monster which happens to go by the name of Anxiety.

I can’t take the silence. The type, not even cigarette smoke can fill. All we can do is throw meaningless words that will only indent the fading clouds but never the mind.

So I talk and I talk because I’m scared if I stop, my heart may just beat out of my chest-
and on their shoes…

I can’t take the silence, but everyone else can. And the eyes that surround me, they scare. physical symptoms convincing you that their judgment is towering over you. as their shadow grows larger and more ferocious-
As the conversation continues

I can’t take the silence,
but everyone else can.


One thought on “cigarette smoke

  1. He smokes alot he knows

    Everyone he knows knows

    But he’s just quiet

    No one likes his silence but him

    He thought she did too

    But it was just a dream

    Filled with her smoke that turned into his

    He doesn’t bother with the silence anymore

    He stares at their shoes wishing they were hers

    But they aren’t so he silently pukes up blood on their shoes

    As a heart was supposed to come up but it can’t

    It isn’t there anymore it left with her

    His pretty pastel who left silence in her wake

    He’s quiet now

    Quiet in grief for a girl who was loud

    He almost doesn’t recognize it

    The silence



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