Burried in Barriers


Through the cracks in the pavement
I search for green
Flourishing and potent
Like our messy bedroom sheets

Through the spaces between the branches
I feel for falling petals
To kiss my head with delicacy
Smiling as they settle

Through the shapes in the electric towers
I gaze at the setting sun
It’s beams stroking my petulant skin
Like a lover on the run

Through the window of a car
I admire our kind
Solemn smiles exchanged
For a minuscule bind

Through the laughter of a friend
I notice the despair in their speech
Hiding more than self-pride
But a tone of defeat

Through the window cased with raindrops
I see the half lit moon
Admired by billions
But stuck in solitude

Through the rising smoke of my cigarette
I see hollow brown eyes
Slipping into space
As he holds onto his mind

Through the mirror I stare into
I see a desecrated smile
Searching past the framing
Into a heart made for the wild

And through the dreams in my trance
I see no more obscured views
For beauty is seen directly
Without a barrier to look through


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