Why are we created in confusion?
Made to live a life spent questioning everything around us; everything we see, everything we hear, everything we feel.
Is it our destiny to spend eternity searching for these despairing answers?
Or instead to roam free,
And the fact that we are not aware of our objective
Is what makes life worth pursuing.
We can continue life, swerving through the labyrinth of question marks.
Finding comfort in what our society labels as comfortable,
Being the person society says we are,
Trying to keep our balance on this type rope.
Or we can find our own path
It may be hard to follow, a little dangerous at times.
But this path full of jumps, ducks and the odd fall from tripping over a loose question
Is what freedom really is.
Avoiding what will never be certain,
And instead creating your own meaning to life.
And once we figure out these “answers”
We will realize they were never really worth questioning.


Leave It Naked


We are all cruel.
Don’t dress up the truth,
Leave it bare, naked and wet.
Just like us tonight baby.
Tangled together with our insecurities reflecting off the light.
Perspiration forming above our eyebrows, professing our intimacy.
Don’t wipe it off baby.
I want to watch you in your most vulnerable,
Watch you undress yourself with hesitation and doubt.
Let you guide me towards each flaw for me to delicately kiss,
Because that’s what I find most intriguing about you.
The parts of you that take the longest to reveal to me.
I want the truth naked,
Just like us baby.
I want you to recite everything you hate about yourself,
So that I can prove to you that there is nothing to hate.
I will brush my lips atop every inch of your skin,
And watch you cringe as goosebumps form when I reach your insecurities.
I will skim my fingertips into the crevice of your scars,
To show affection to even the areas that hurt the most.
I want the truth wet,
Just like us baby.
As my skin strokes yours,
I can feel us blend and mould,
Like one body of water, following the waves of our affection.
Diving into each other,
Without a single thought of what may lye beneath the surface
Forgetting the demons, storms and pollution.
You’ll love yourself baby,
As long as I love you.
Our tortured sleeves will no longer hide the lies carved into our skin.
Flaunt it baby.



In a crazy world

Where anxiety doesn’t exist. Repression, depression and all those words that attach weights to the bottoms of our feet are nothing but a nightmare that exist only when our eyes shut. A place revolved around encouragement, confidence and equality. Where everything and everyone has a place and being humble is a natural innate thing that comes with birth; like hunger and hydration. Where our conscience only consists of an angel on each shoulder, whispering breathless soliloquies that keeps your head high and the ceilings higher. When money is just a bonus and not a goal, and inspiration isn’t a Google search away. When walking into the sunlight does not make us squint and run into the shade, but instead embrace and bathe in with the hopes that it will shine brighter than our iPhones. Where staring at a garden in physical form brings a satisfaction that doesn’t need to be photographed and publicized, but rather a solitude bliss that only your eyes and that moment deserve. Showing your children attention isn’t considered throwing an iPad in their laps, but a baseball and a glove to form bonds that don’t require a Facebook friend request as reassurance. Instead of drugs being the only resort to temporarily block out the pain, we instead cope the natural way that forms a stronger layer around the broken areas. When the media encourages beauty to be different and much more than just a muscular, flawless, tall, trendy, narrow-minded silhouette of inaccuracy. A place where monsters are only under our beds instead of in our heads.

Like I said, a crazy world.