You are the sun


And as the sun rises
So will you

Because the sun lives in solitude
And you are nothing but its clone
With a fluorescent light that flows past everyone’s oblivious eyes
Having a beauty that is so great it cannot even be looked at in the eye

The absent appreciation that will forever roam
Without a single thought of you and all you’ve done
The exception being your flaws

Your ozone deteriorating as the second prevail
By the unnerving people whose faults are never in themselves
And your only involvement being the unknown eyes in the sky
With birds-eye view of the birds

But once they close their eyes, they will see colours flashing at the backs of their eyelids
Until they open and tend back to their own egos.

You and the sun
So great in mass of beauty
In mass of light
In mass of those who can only see yellow in such a colourful view

And all the while, you stay
You stay and give them what they want
Because you’re the sun,
and you will never know it